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We offer a wide range of finned coils for heating systems. Several options of materials and expanding coatings are available upon request.

General information

HeatRun JSC specializes in the manufacture and supply of reliable heat exchangers for ventilation. Together with a group of experienced ventilation and production engineers, we have developed finned pack coils for ventilation systems. A client-focused company, HeatRun offers more than just heat exchangers. We have quick production turnaround, flexibility, high quality, and precision.
The geometry of our heat exchanger was developed by a group of experienced engineers and tested in external laboratories. Our product was developed together with the DMT laboratory in Germany in order to guarantee effective heating and cooling.
Select your heat exchanger using our modern certified software, send us your request, and then relax: everything will be done accurately and on time.

Key benefits
  • Production within 5 days
  • Customized solutions
  • OEM versions
  • Certified selection software
  • Direct from the manufacturing company: low added costs to the client.
Technical specification
Applications Heating systems

Diameter: 12.7 mm / ½’’
Resistant to the vast majority of primary fluids


Aluminum 0.2mm
Pre-painted aluminum, hydrophilic aluminum upon request


Galvanized steel
Stainless steel

Operating data

Max fluid velocity: 3 m/s in tubes;
Max operating pressure: 2.2 MPa;
Max operating temperature: 100 oC;
Normal air velocity: 3-4 m/s;
Max air velocity: 5 m/s;
Airflow range at a temperature of -40 oC: 0.03-40 m3/s

Tested fluids

Ethylene glycol
Propylene glycol




External measurements Height Min 237 mm Max 2500 mm
  Width Min 200 mm Max 2500 mm
Fin width Min 29 mm Max 348 mm
Number of rows Min 1 Max 12
Distance between rows 28,87 mm  
Tube diameter  12,7 mm  
Tube wall thickness 0,4 mm  
Tube length  Min 220 mm Max 2550 mm

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