Company profile

Prompt Heat Exchangers

Established in 2014, our company specializes in developing, designing and manufacturing custom-designed heat transfer coils for industrial and HVAC applications.
In today’s contemporary business environment, it’s more important to provide the best solutions for our clients – not to be the biggest one. As a client oriented company, Heatrun tends to be the fastest in the market with flexible and high quality solutions.
The development and design of a new product is performed by experienced HVAC engineers. All the products go through a detailed examination in order to only provide the highest quality product considering the 0 defects concept.
Our products and selection software are being developed together with the independent laboratories of Siventa and DTM in Germany. When using our selection software, a client is guaranteed that the actual coil technical parameters will correspond with the initial ones.
We’re proud to be able to provide our clients with high quality coils as soon as possible at the best terms.



  • Production within 5 days
  • 100% specialization in heat exchangers
  • Client oriented and flexible
  • Customized solutions
  • OEM versions
  • Tested and reliable selection software
  • Direct from the manufacturing company: low added costs to the client.


Our selection software and coils’ performance are being tested in cooperation with the DTM group.

All our Heatrun products are designed and manufactured according to relevant European directives and bear the CE marking.

Heating coils

We offer a wide range of finned coils for heating systems. Several options of materials and coatings expands are available upon request.